STEVE Engineering provides cost-effective and quality clash detection services for our customers. With our clash detection experts, we reduce the amount of change orders during construction through our risk free model inspection while initiating clash checks.

We provide a Coordination Summary reports or CSR based after performing clash tests.  We use Autodesk Navisworks platform for clash tests. The Coordination Summary involves the all the Clashes incurred, Exact location of the Clash and a possible Solution for the clash. With the generated reports, our coordinators work closely with architects, structural engineers and contractors for clash resolutions.

BIM services & solutions incorporate various protocols to streamline the entire building process. MEP-FP Modeling and Coordination Services play a very crucial role in building design, planning construction, estimating cost performance, future operations, and facilities management. BIM MEP Services & modeling integrate various technology software’s to develop 3D models of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design. Magnasoft BIM uses cutting-edge software technology like Revit MEP, Autodesk Navisworks and more to reduce rework and wastage, increase efficiency, and save costs. The coordination of MEP (M&E) systems amongst themselves and with other building systems including architectural and structural disciplines is a critical, challenging and time consuming task, especially in complex building projects with intense MEP requirements.  The coordination process of MEP systems involves defining the exact location of each building system component throughout the building within the constraints of the envelope defined by the architectural and structural systems to comply with diverse design and operations criteria avoiding any interferences/clashes amongst building systems. Assuming that most companies undertake the task of MEP Coordination, without which the site installation from a ‘design only’ set of drawings would be too much of a risk

BIM coordination services, which has become an important design criterion for all modern constructional projects. It not only provides better collaboration within the design domain but also helps get an accurate digital representation of all the three disciplines of any construction project.

MEP (M&E) coordination work refers to the spatial coordination of all building services (HVAC, pipework, public health and electrical systems) with other disciplines making up the building structure, architectural elements, fabric and external envelope (steel, concrete, false ceilings, etc.).

MEP coordination or multiservice coordination is increasingly being created in a 3D environment for all the disciplines. By creating a virtual 3D model, designers and coordinators can benefit in the following ways:

  • Ensures there are no clashes (validated using clash detection software tools)
  • Represents all mechanical components/kit accurately (unlike 2D CAD drawings) and thus ensure that spatial issues are addressed before getting to site
  • Prevents site-based delays and disputes, as all services have been proven to work together
  • Allows views, sections and detailed drawings to be produced easily and quickly
  • Allows easy communication, as the 3D model can be viewed and walked through for demo, review, value engineering or QC purposes by building services trades
  • Ensures faster approval/sign off (compared with 2D drawings alone)

We have a team of BIM Engineers with profound experience and expertise of working on MEP BIM coordination Modeling. Our Engineers have exposure to on-site installation of MEP components which become expedient while working on such projects. We have profound expertise and experience of coordination process and collaboration meetings that are required to make design validation and changes to it prior to construction. We use internet meeting tools like Go-to-Meetings, WebEx, Skype etc. to conduct on line meetings with the Design team, MEP Engineers and Architects. We provide value addition services to our clients where they can review our suggestions, design inputs as one single team and finalize the coordinated model to ensure fast and cost effective on-site construction.